Company Mission

Paragon International Marketing is the sole distributors for Weiss Doppelbodensysteme Gmbh co (Germany) in Pakistan and has been successfully doing business with Weiss co, since 1988. We have joined the team of Armstrong co USA. We are representing and marketing their products i.e. wood flooring, ceiling in different materials in Pakistan. We are also agent for Standard Pneumatic co USA for marketing their products in Pakistan. At the same time we are working as an agent for CDW for Multi-line Modems/DSL modems in Pakistan. The work ethic, professional experience, interpersonal skills, flexibility and willingness of my team of skilled experts give me the ability to be a valuable asset for any organization. We are well equipped with the required related tools and machinery for performing the job onsite with our team of skilled workers. We have branch offices in Dubai (UAE) & Georgia (USA) and are currently doing business locally and also entertain inquiries received internationally.


Paragon International Marketing has developed an innovative, flexible and personal approach to providing services. We structure each relationship to exceed our client’s unique business goals and build in flexibility to meet current and future needs.